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Give the Gift of Dignity.

Your gift gives children and their families dignity by providing education and healthcare.

*Please note that by giving a donation here, you are not signing up to provide a scholarship for a child. To provide a scholarship, please visit our sponsor a child page.

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Give the Gift of Dignity.

Your gift gives children and their families dignity by providing education and healthcare.

*Please note that by giving a donation here, you are not signing up to provide a scholarship for a child. To provide a scholarship, please visit our sponsor a child page.

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Introducing You to Philip Reilly…

Our Board of Directors is pleased to welcome the next Executive Director of Dalit Freedom Network Canada: Philip Reilly. Philip will become DFN’s second Executive Director, following Sherry Bailey, who has served as the founding Director since 2006.

“The Board went through much work during the selection process, and as a result of this work and many prayers, it was unanimous that the Board extend an invitation to Philip to become the next leader of DFN Canada. His heart and passion for India and the marginalized is in line with the heart of DFN and we look forward to what God will have us do together. Thank you for standing with us in prayer during this transition time.”—Jacques Beaudreault, Chairman of the Board

Philip has served with IJM (International Justice Mission) Canada since 2014, initially as BC Director of Development & Mobilization, and most recently as National Director of Development. In addition to experience in the worlds of business and pastoral leadership, and the valuable fundraising skills developed through his work with IJM, Philip brings with him a deep heart and passion to see justice for the world's poor and marginalized.

Philip grew up in Scotland, and since 2003 has made his home in Canada. He lives with his wife, Louise, and their 3 children in Langley, British Columbia.

“My passion for justice has been a hallmark in my life since I first volunteered with a ministry in Kolkata, India in 1995, serving abandoned street children. My own connection with India is deeply rooted as my father was born in Kolkata just prior to partition in 1948. My work with IJM has also led me to India where forced labour, bonded slavery and the modern-day slavery of sex trafficking opened my eyes and deepened my commitment to speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.”—Philip Reilly

DFN’s mandate is to provide accessible education to the poor and marginalized children of India. We’d like to offer our sincerest thanks to our sponsors and donors like you who make this work possible. We invite you to reach out to Philip and our Canada team in the coming days. Together, we can bring hope through education and help restore God-given dignity.

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Your Gifts in Action...

In 2019, your outstanding generosity went above and beyond for marginalized children in India. It’s thanks to you that children whose lives have been deeply affected by poverty and discrimination can attend school and prepare for promising careers. Thank you for empowering girls and boys to pursue their dreams by giving them the gift of education. Read the full report now to see your gifts in action!

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Angel’s parents noticed their daughter was a bright child from an early age. She learned quickly and kept them on their toes. As loving parents, they wanted to free Angel from the discrimination they encountered every day simply because they were low caste.

While meeting daily needs was a struggle, Angel’s parents decided to give up what little they had, so their daughter could attend a Good Shepherd School.

Angel felt nervous and excited on her first day. “It was hard at first. It was a new school, I didn’t know anyone, and I had to learn English to understand my lessons,” Angel says.

But Angel was uniquely determined. She had a secret ambition…and for that, she needed to study hard and get good grades. Diligently, she kept going to school, and over time she caught up with her classmates.

Today, she’s an “A” student in Grade nine—her grade average is an amazing 92%!

“My hobby is to find facts about our planet,” Angel says. “My friend helps me with this. Math is my favourite subject, and my ambition is to become an astronaut! To reach my goal, I want to study astronomy after my school studies. I like researching the solar system and other planets.”

Thanks to donors like you, Angel is shooting for the stars!

Your generosity helps girls like Angel to understand their immeasurable value, dignity and worth. By teaching marginalized children these truths, you’re unlocking their potential and imagination, allowing them to dream—and empowering them to make their dreams come true.

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It’s donors like you that open the door to freedom for children who are oppressed and discriminated against—simply because they were born into poverty. This month, we want to shine a spotlight of gratitude on one of you...We’d like you to meet John!

John’s beloved wife of 25 years, Geraldine, was a teacher in Surrey, British Columbia. When she passed away in 2016 he wanted to honour her memory in a special way, and continue his wife’s legacy by bringing education to children. For the next 10 years, John has committed to providing educational scholarships to marginalized children in India, allowing them to escape poverty.

“To know that I have helped these precious children rise up out of poverty and oppression by giving them a chance to attend school gives me immense satisfaction,” says John. “And to be able to do this in memory of my dear wife makes it all the more significant. I give so that her death was not in vain, and her love of educating children will continue for ten years after her death.”

From everyone at DFN Canada, we’d like to thank John for his inspiring act of love and generosity in memory of his much-loved wife.

It’s donors like John and you that empower children born into extreme poverty in India to break the chains of oppression through education. Thanks to you, these girls and boys can pursue good careers, raising themselves, their families, as well as their communities out of poverty.

Your generosity means the world to marginalized girls and boys in India. Thank you.

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Please give generously to make education and freedom possible for poor and marginalized children in India. Your contribution will open up possibilities through education that could only be dreamed of before.