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Give the Gift of Dignity.

Your gift gives children and their families dignity by providing education and healthcare.

*Please note that by giving a donation here, you are not signing up to provide a scholarship for a child. To provide a scholarship, please visit our sponsor a child page.

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Give the Gift of Dignity.

Your gift gives children and their families dignity by providing education and healthcare.

*Please note that by giving a donation here, you are not signing up to provide a scholarship for a child. To provide a scholarship, please visit our sponsor a child page.

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Sherry Bailey
Executive Director
Dalit Freedom Network Canada

The past year has held challenges for many Dalit communities in India and around the world. But despite these challenges, we hear stories of hope everyday. The dedication and joy I see in the faces of the students I’ve met outshines the poverty and challenges.

Thank you for everything you’ve given over the past year. None of what we do in rural India would be possible without generosity like yours. That’s why, today I’m thrilled to be able to report on some of what you’ve recently helped us achieve. I hope that in reading this annual report, you will discover the same joy that you’ve brought others by giving.

With a grateful heart,

Joseph D’souza
International President
Dalit Freedom Network

I am incredibly grateful for all of our Canadian supporters, who give selflessly to help Dalits who are struggling in India. Because of you, our reach into these rural communities has extended further than ever this year—helping more than 5,000 children attend school.

You are also providing healthcare for whole communities and training men and women so they can start their own, self-sustaining businesses. By giving and praying, you become an integral part of this movement and extend our reach farther and wider than ever. Thank you.

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At Dalit Freedom Network, we’re so grateful for caring people like you and we’re committed to being transparent in the way we operate. We truly value your gifts and are dedicated to making your generosity count, so we’re proud to publicly share this breakdown of our financials with you.

Total Revenue 2016

  • 80% to India Projects
  • 9% to Administration
  • 11% to Fundraisings

India Projects Funded


Education Sponsorship


Classroom Construction


India Program Coordination


Hope for Dalit Women


Health Initiatives


Equipping Schools and Teachers


Past Reports

Year Total Revenue India Projects Administration Fundraising
2016 $3,207,203 $2,843,267 $324,751 $368,089
2015 $5,526,920 $4,402,844 $280,692 $280,692
2014 $3,638,862 $2,815,750 $244,033 $334,611

Program Highlights


Swetha, who is only 11 years old, lives in a one-bedroom concrete hut in the Rasoolpura slum, with her family. Swetha has often been left responsible for all of the household chores, including cooking, cleaning and taking care of her three younger siblings. She carries a heavy burden, knowing that she could be married off soon or sent out to work. Her parents work so hard, putting in long hours for very little pay. They can hardly afford the very modest home that the six of them share.

Thankfully, generous supporters like you are enabling Swetha to go to a Good Shepherd School. It’s a welcome break from her strenuous home life. She loves learning about science in her classes, and dreams of becoming a doctor one day.

Like all girls her age, Swetha is not ready to be married off yet. She deserves a childhood free from the responsibilities of adulthood, where she can learn and take the first steps toward a bright future for herself.

We are so grateful for gifts like yours that allow Swetha and other children like her to receive an education. Thank you.

Health & Meal Program

At age nine, Pavan only weighed 35 pounds. He thought it was a really good day if he got a bit of chutney with his rice. But sometimes, he didn’t even get the rice.

Pavan’s parents were out of work, watching as their son became weaker before their eyes. When our feeding program was started at the Good Shepherd school that Pavan attended, it was a welcome relief. Our feeding programs give children like Pavan a healthy lunch six days a week.

In the last few months, Pavan has gained some healthy weight! His school’s community healthcare worker reports that he has gained 9 pounds and we know that it’s all because of loyal support like yours!


We are pleased to report that our special anniversary project, a new school building for Dumka Village, is underway. Through our fall dinner events and your generous support, the land has now been purchased and this spring, we’re beginning construction! The new building will have 10 classrooms and will have proper toilet facilities and a well.

Already, 107 students attend classes in the cramped rental facility. We are thrilled that students will soon be learning in spacious, well-lit classrooms, equipped for success. This school will not only transform the lives of students, but also surrounding communities. Thank you for making this possible.

Women’s Programs

Sunita was a very timid Dalit woman who was married off at an early age. For years she would hardly leave her one-room hut. Then one day, one of our tailoring instructors knocked on her door to invite her to a training program.

Sunita had not been invited to any kind of social event in many years. She was touched by this stranger’s kindness, and in six months, she graduated and began her own tailoring business.

Today, Sunita is not only a confident business woman who is able to provide for her family, she is teaching other women how to sew! She has a purpose and a future, and she is empowering others to discover the same for themselves.

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Muriel and her husband Jack have seen first-hand the difference that Good Shepherd Schools are making in the lives of Dalits. On their first visit, they met Muhammed, their sponsored child. Most of his classmates had no sponsors. They were crowded into a very small building, sitting on the cement floor. There were no toilets or running water, and no playground. At one school a child died from a snake bite.

“The dedicated teachers did the best they could with the little that they had,” says Muriel. “But what a difference we saw in other schools where most of the children were sponsored!”

When their church helped build a school in Bondugula, “land was purchased and a 'real school' was built,” says Muriel. “Back in Canada, we were delighted to hear of the new toilets, and the big classrooms with real desks.”

We’re so grateful for people like Jack and Muriel! Sponsoring a child is a chance to transform a child's life.

During our recent Freedom Campaign, Masala Ministries generously offered to match all gifts up to $50,000! Below, they've shared a few words of inspiration.
We are delighted to help the Dalit children build character and courage through education! We have visited the schools and believe in helping these children dream BIG!" ‑Masala Ministries
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Your gifts begin by bringing education to Dalit children, but it’s so much more than providing classrooms and teachers. Because of generosity like yours, the Dalits are finding true freedom and dreaming of brighter futures.

Your generosity has…


  • Sponsored 532 children, bringing the total number of sponsorships to 5,200


  • Funded 25 new classrooms in 4 schools
  • Supplied 45 desks so children can focus
  • Resourced 1 library
  • Built 1 playground


  • Funded 1 healthcare worker for a full year
  • Provided 87,387 lunches to hungry students
  • Provided 325 children with mid-day meals for an entire year


  • Opened 3 new tailoring training centres
  • Trained 676 Dalit women in our vocational training centres

If the stories and updates we’ve shared have inspired you to give, please don’t hesitate to make a donation today and bring freedom to more Dalits. Help us take freedom even further in 2017!

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