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Give the Gift of Dignity.

Your gift gives children and their families dignity by providing education and healthcare.

*Please note that by giving a donation here, you are not signing up to provide a scholarship for a child. To provide a scholarship, please visit our sponsor a child page.

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Give the Gift of Dignity.

Your gift gives children and their families dignity by providing education and healthcare.

*Please note that by giving a donation here, you are not signing up to provide a scholarship for a child. To provide a scholarship, please visit our sponsor a child page.

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As we enter a new year, I want to offer you my deepest gratitude for your generous support last year and over the Christmas season!

As our 2019 Freedom Campaign approaches, I am confident that incredibly compassionate donors like you will offer even more marginalized children the freedom and justice they so deserve.

Whenever I visit one of our Good Shepherd Schools, I am struck by the hard work and dedication of our students. These bright, hopeful children deserve futures of freedom and promise, and thanks to generous donors like you, thousands of children have already been given this gift.

When low-caste children like Kam and Navnitha, who we’ll introduce later in this newsletter, receive an education, their hope and pride spill over and benefit their families and communities as well. Good Shepherd students truly are shaping tomorrow’s world—all thanks to the generosity of donors like you!

Thank you for spreading freedom and dignity to marginalized children in India in 2018. May the coming year be filled with blessings for you.

With a grateful heart,

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Sherry Bailey

Sherry Bailey[/caption]

Executive Director, Dalit Freedom Network Canada

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When Muniappa, a manual scavenger and his wife Savitri, a street sweeper, gave birth to Navnitha, they felt like their world fell apart. For impoverished, low-caste families in India, baby girls mean financial ruin. For Navnitha’s parents, their second daughter felt like the final nail in their coffin.

Navnitha was very young when other villagers noticed her beauty. They suggested she be dedicated as a Jogini in a cruel, illegal practice where girls are forced to marry local deities.

Navnitha's parents believed that by dedicating their daughter, they would please the gods and receive a good harvest.

"At just five years old, preparations for Navnitha’s dedication began. She spent several nights each month with an older Jogini in a shack by the temple. Navnitha dreaded these terrifying visits, especially the frightening trances that the older woman often went into. Although she begged to stay home and her older sister tried to intervene, Navnitha’s mother said proudly, 'Navnitha will be a goddess. She must go...' Luckily, one of our area workers discovered what was happening and sprung into action."

Despite enormous pressure to dedicate their daughter, Navnitha’s parents agreed to relocate their children somewhere safe.

For girls like Navnitha, a high-quality English education makes the difference between a bright future and a future darkened by oppressive exploitation.

Thanks to donors like you, Navnitha and her sister enrolled at a Good Shepherd School where they were taught by caring teachers, given safety and allowed to thrive.

Five years have passed since Navnitha was rescued, and she’s free to dream! She dreams of a normal family life and helping other girls by becoming a teacher herself. Education changed everything, and Navnitha wants that for every girl. We know you want that too.

Too many Indian girls are exploited because they’re desperately poor. Too many are forced into early marriages or prostitution. Too many are overlooked because of their gender.

Education is the key to freeing these girls and their communities, so that parents like Muniappa and Savitri can rejoice at the birth of every baby girl.

Thank you for supporting girls like Navnitha!

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Donors who sponsor a marginalized child’s education change that child’s life for the better in amazing and far-reaching ways. An English education truly unlocks the door to freedom for India’s low-caste children like Kam, a recent graduate from our Good Shepherd School in TJP.

Most people in the settlements surrounding TJP belong to India’s lowest castes, living in tents made from plastic sheets. They own few possessions and have no access to clean water. Most never attend school.

This was the case for Kam, whose family has worked as farm labourers for generations.

When Kam enrolled in the school at TJP, teachers helped him to dream of the possibilities education could unlock. Kam learned of his God-given dignity—no matter what caste he was born into. He now plans to become an engineer!

As a special celebration for graduates, the school’s principal arranged the students’ first ever sit-down meal. Kam and his fellow graduates were full of pride as they enjoyed this special meal alongside their teachers.

Thanks to generous sponsors, Kam and other graduates are planning futures full of promise!

Did you know it’s easy to become a sponsor? You too can join our compassionate community of sponsors and help a child like Kam unlock their God-given potential.

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Low-caste people in India suffer from poverty, discrimination, and oppression for generations. Now is the time to unlock the door to hope, justice and freedom.

An educated child is more likely to get a good job, provide for their family and contribute to their community. Often, they send their own children to school, creating a wave of change that will last generations. Education truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

That’s why we’re excited to announce that this spring you can take part in our Freedom Campaign. For only $396, you can send a child to school for an entire year.

Every gift makes a difference!

Education is the key to freedom and this year we’re hoping to have our most successful Freedom Campaign yet. So get ready to have fun, raise funds and change a child’s life!

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